BAILEY MACK 2014-2015

Bailey's Favorite Moment

One of the benefits of being on a long-term program with such a small group of students was doing daily activities together outside of class. Some of my fondest memories are of us discovering new restaurants and exploring the city together. Right before the Spring Festival break in February, we walked into a randomly chosen restaurant at the mall, and found ourselves with the most amazing view of the city. It really gave me a new perspective on my studies and how much my time in Capstone meant to me. 

How are you now involved in the global community?

I am currently in a marketing position at an animal nutrition and health firm in Nicholasville, Kentucky. With branches all over the world, I often use Mandarin to communicate by email, or by speaking to others in the office.

How you are retaining your Chinese language skills gained through the Flagship Program?

I use several online news and language-learning resources to maintain listening and reading skills, as well as watching TV shows online. I listen to a lot of SBS radio (out of Australia), and I’m fortunate that I am able to use Chinese at the office, as there are several native speakers located here. 

Any exciting future plans?

I will be going to Malaysia as a Fulbright ETA in January of 2017, and am really looking forward to such a great opportunity!