Beijing Overseas Flagship Program

The Chinese Flagship program is designed for undergraduates who are seeking to attain superior proficiency in Mandarin, while pursuing an academic major of their choice. As part of this two-tiered program, once students reach an advanced level of Mandarin at their home university, they will be able to study overseas at the prestigious Beijing Union University for one academic year.

During their year abroad, in addition to taking intensive Mandarin and Chinese culture courses, they will be able to take direct enrollment classes with other Chinese students at Beijing Union University in the subject of their choice. They will also complete a part-time internship in Beijing during their second semester at a local business or organization. The academic year will begin in early September and end towards the end of June/early July. While completing the requirements of the Flagship program, students can major in an academic field of their choice, such as business, music, art, biology, or political science.

Students who wish to apply must be currently a full-time undergraduate student at one of 12 flagship universities. These universities are part of 27 Flagship language centers and programs, which belong to The Language Flagship, a major component of the National Security Education Program.


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