Participants receive academic credit from the Bryn Mawr College for their participation in the language courses administered by American Councils upon completion of the program. As each college and university has its own regulations regarding credit transfer, the participant should contact his or her home school to determine how much of the credit from Bryn Mawr College may be transferred upon completion of the program. We strongly recommend that this be done before the participant leaves the United States.

Participants who take special courses in areas other than Chinese may choose to transfer credits received in such courses directly to his/her home institution as subject-matter credits (and not as Bryn Mawr Chinese language studies credits).  Whether this option is possible depends on the student’s home institution. American Councils does not have authority to require acceptance of these credits, but we may offer assistance in negotiating with the participant’s home institution a direct transfer of credits from Beijing Union University. Participants interested in direct credit transfer should contact the American Councils staff prior to the beginning of the program.

In addition to receiving Bryn Mawr College transcripts, participants may also receive grades issued on Beijing Union University transcripts.