Direct Enrollment

Courses taken by current and former participants:

•Comparative Politics in China and Western Countries

•Foreign Affairs of China

•Differential Geometry

•Environmental Management and Planning

•Sino-American Relationship

•Database Theories

•Introduction to Material Science of Metal and Semiconductors

•Psychological Science Studies

•Film Studies

•Modern Chinese Economic History

•Social Life in Ancient China

•Women and Gender Studies

•Guomindang in Taiwan

•Social Ettiquette

•English-Chinese Translation: Theories and Applications


•Survey of Modern Chinese History


•Film Methodologies


•Mobile Marketing


•Engineering Mechanics

•Consumer Behavior

•Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis

•Sun Tzu 's Art of War and Management

•International Finance

•Foundations of Interpretation

•Database Systems

•Maoism and Chinese Socialism

•International Trade

•Chinese Medicine, Health, and Diet

•Corporate Strategy and Risk Management

•International Finance

•Journalism and Interview


To learn more about the academic departments at Beijing Union University, please contact your flagship coordinator for the BUU brochure. Course offerings at Beijing Union University include, but not limited to, the following:



International Economics & Trade,
Finance and Banking,
Business Administration,
Hotel management

Business College, Management College, Tourism College

Chinese Language & Literature,
Foreign Languages,
Information and Computing Science, Biotechnology,
Urban Planning,
Environmental Science,
Art Design Painting

College of Applied Arts and Sciences, Advertising College

Elementary education,
Early childhood education,
Special education,
Applied psychology

Teacher College, College of Special Education


Electronic and Information Science and Technology,
Material Science and Engineering,
Computer Science,
Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Engineering

College of Information Technology, College of Biochemical Engineering, College of Mechanical Engineering