Getting A Head Start

We encourage Flagship participants to prepare for the academic year by using part of the summer to read works of Chinese literature to which your instructors have made reference in classes with Flagship students in previous years. Prior knowledge of at least some of these works will enable you to derive even more from Flagship Chinese language classes, make a favorable impression on your instructors, and enhance your knowledge of Chinese culture. Ideally, you should try to read at least some of these in the Chinese original:

《阿Q正传》by 鲁迅

《茶馆》by 老舍

《围城》by 钱钟书

《半生缘》by 张爱玲

《活着》by 余华



If you can find them, you will also find it helpful to look at some of the Chinese-language feature films which have been featured in various Flagship classes: