One-on-One Components

One-on-One Language Clinic (语疗课)

Each participant has one language clinic session with main instructor each week, one hour each time. The main purpose of the clinic is to analyze participants’ language performance and identify the participants' strength and weakness, in terms of pronunciation accuracy, speaking skills, lexical and syntactical accuracy, reading strategies, discourse organization, cross-cultural appropriateness, and so forth.

Based on the analysis findings, the instructor assists each participant in defining their stage goals and planning periodic learning strategies. Matching tasks are assigned for students to practice during and after the clinic sessions. After each session, the instructor files a brief report of the participants’ performance and grade the day’s session.

One-on-One Academic Tutors (单班课)

Every participant has one-on-one sessions with their academic tutor-instructor for at least three hours each week. The tutor also spend additional time preparing materials for the tutoring sessions. The Academic Director provides tutors with a discussion topic and language focuses as the tutors’ preparation guideline. These topics and language focuses correspond to what is recently covered in the Flagship courses.

During the session, participants study the materials prepared by tutors and have discussions on related topics. Part of the discussion is recorded, and the tutor guides their participants to revisit the recording for the purpose of correction and improvement. Participants also work with their tutors on composing and revising their writing assignments, and doing other language exercises. After each session, the tutor file a brief report of the participant’s performance and grade today’s session.