Program Assessments

All Chinese Flagship students are required to participate in all mid-program and post-program testing, which is similar to the pre-program assessment process.  The required tests are as follows:

Mid and Post program Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI): This test will be scheduled through American Councils D.C. Flagship staff and must be taken in China prior to each student's departure. During the school year, the OPI testing will take place mid-program (telephonic) and towards the end of the year in Beijing (face-to-face).

Post-program Online reading and listening tests: These online tests will be scheduled by American Councils for International Education. The tests are normally scheduled during the same week as the face-to-face Post-Program OPI exam before the program end date.

Additional tests as required. Some students may be required to take additional language tests related to individual scholarships or fellowships.