The Internship Placement Process

The Internship Placement Process is conducted using a combination of the following methods:

Student-driven/initiated search: Participants are strongly encouraged to take initiative in searching for internships related to their domain interest. Staff will support and advise students throughout the process. Participants should research any connections they might have to Chinese employers before departing for China. These connections can be found through a variety of sources such as university faculty and staff, family members, friends, former employers, alumni networks, and religious organizations among others.

Former and new contacts: Staff can contact former alumni/former internship providers to assist participants with their internship search. They also establish new internship contacts and maintain relationships (“关系guanxi”) with potential employers in Beijing.

Internship Requirements

All internships must meet the following requirements:

Students must intern in a Chinese-speaking professional setting in Beijing area, preferably with Chinese organizations. The most beneficial work environments for Flagship interns are those with the least number of colleagues who are native-level English speakers.

Teaching English may not be a primary job responsibility.

Students must work part-time for a period of at least four months (8 hours minimum per week). The minimum four-month requirement consists of sixteen weeks on the job broken down into eight biweekly reporting periods.

Students' internships must correspond to the participant’s field of interest and abilities, subject to certain political or cultural limitations. Certain internship fields are highly discouraged due to safety concerns.

Procedures for Internship Placements


RESUMES: Students will work with Beijing Center Staff and instructors to revise and improve their resumes. Students should work with the Resident Director and Academic Director to identify clear goals and responsibilities for their internships, such as what do I want to accomplish, what do I wish to learn etc.

STUDENT SEARCH AND APPLICATION PROCESS: Students initiate their internship searches based on the objectives identified in individual meetings with staff. Staff is available to provide advice and guidance to students on a daily basis. Students are encouraged to regularly discuss their search process and application materials with staff.

UPDATE: Students provide internship contact information and internship responsibilities to staff for follow up and maintenance in a database.

ENGAGE: Beijing Center Staff engages the internship provider: (a) Introduce Flagship and goals; (b) Confirm internship opportunity and responsibilities for students; (c) Location and start/end date; (d) Confirm expectations from internship provider and from students.

WORKSHOP: The Beijing Center Staff will schedule mandatory training seminars and workshops for students throughout the semester. Discussion topics include job search tips, professional etiquette in China, working in a professional Chinese environment, and the previous internship experiences of Flagship alumni.

FOLLOW UP AND EVALUATION:  Once internships begin, students are expected to provide the Beijing Center Staff with frequent status updates, respond to the Staff’s questions and requests in a timely manner, and submit bi-weekly reports by each deadline. A database of student internship information including (a) Student location and contact info; (b) Internship provider contact/info; (c) Internship site and responsibilities will be collected and retained by the Beijing Center Staff.