Hello! My name is Olivia Hallam, I am a senior from the University of Rhode Island studying Chinese, political science and international relations. In about 6 weeks, I will be packing up and heading back home to Cumberland, Rhode Island. It’s been 9 months since I arrived in China and the time has gone by so quickly! Not only have I been able to improve my Chinese language skills, but also have had the opportunity to gain some life changing experiences. While studying and living in an international dorm in Beijing, I have had the chance to interact with individuals of many different nationalities, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds. I found myself constantly learning new things about the world and about myself. As we approach the end of this Capstone year, I catch myself reflecting back on some of the wonderful experiences here, such as making moon cakes, watching the election at the US Embassy, climbing the Great Wall, learning how to ride the subway system during rush hour and traveling around China during breaks. What made these memories so enjoyable were the new friends and teachers that were part of them. I am excited to be heading home soon, but I will never forget how this year brought me back to the roots of my Chinese culture and heritage and developed me to become a more global member of society.  I cannot thank Flagship, Beijing Union University, and the teachers here enough for this experience of a lifetime.