Tips to Having Successful Internship Experiences

1. Communicate frequently with the Internship Staff on internship search and work-related concerns or issues.

2.  Work collaboratively with the Nanjing Chinese Flagship Center Internship Staff to secure an internship placement.

3. Acquire the right attitude (“when in Rome”) when searching for and securing internship placements, as a perfect match is challenging.

4. Be flexible, open-minded, and realistic about internship opportunities (recognize that many internship providers prefer to have native Chinese students as interns because they feel these students are better versed in the language, cultural comprehension, and professional etiquette). Preferences to a particular city or location in China should not be a reason for turning down a good internship opportunity.

5. Be professional representatives of your domestic institution and the Chinese Flagship Program (show up on time, use a positive and open-minded attitude etc.)

6. Be culturally savvy and appropriate with internship search and when meeting/working with your provider. Remember that your placement is often a process of using “guanxi” (example: changing your mind last minute after confirming your internship placement is viewed to be unprofessional and damaging to the guanxi).

7. Be committed to the internship for a period of at least 4 months (and up to 6 months).

8. List specific goals that are achievable (for example: “master enough specialized vocabulary to deliver a 10-minute presentation on China's environmental protection laws".